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About the Project

About the Project

Franchising Brazil is a joint project of the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) and the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), which aims to support the internationalization strategy of the Brazilian franchise networks and their international commercial promotion. This initiative was designed to promote this recognized business model in key international markets. The franchising industry boosts retail, moves the economy, generates jobs, income and professional qualification. And it is in this spirit that Brazil presents its genuinely national concepts and brands to the world.

Based on an initiative of Brazilian entrepreneurs in the franchising sector, ABF (Brazilian Franchising Association) was appointed by the group to organize and develop an internationalization program for franchises. In 2004, the fundamental basis of the project was launched and in 2005, with the support, encouragement and guidance of Apex-Brasil, the first agreement of the Brazilian franchising sector began.

Over 15 years of work, the entity and entrepreneurs participating in the project visited more than 40 countries in all continents, participating in the most important trade fairs in the franchising sector and international commercial missions and prospecting. In addition to acquiring knowledge and experience, several businesses were developed, taking Brazilian concepts to different parts of the world and generating foreign exchange for the country.

The internationalization of companies today is part of the reality of the franchising sector. In 2018, our market intelligence surveys revealed that 145 Brazilian brands have operations* in at least 114 countries. This is just the beginning. Currently we have more than 100 companies participating in the Franchising Brazil Project and all of them recognize the importance of having a project like this to support and promote actions to assist in the process of internationalization of Brazilian franchising.

 * All international operating formats are considered: own units, franchised units, master franchising, area developer, export and joint ventures.

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