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Project Adhesion


The first step is to formalize the interest by completing the Term of Adhesion, as well as sending the list of products / services (with their respective NCMs / NBMs) that will be exported to ABF. There are no membership fees or monthly fees.

There is no obligation of association or link to ABF.

Project members will be admitted upon submission of the Membership Form.


Withdrawal and Defiliation

1. The member may terminate on his own initiative at any time, upon written request for termination at no cost.

2. The associated company that fails to deliver the Matching Financial Reports and Results Surveys regarding participation in a commercial promotion event promoted by the project will be suspended.

3. There are no restrictions on readmission of members.


What are counterpart documents?

In case of participation of the Brazilian company in international activity (fairs, missions, promotional events, etc.), Business Roundtables, Workshops and Training held in Brazil or another country, with displacement from its city of origin:

The. Electronic air ticket (e-ticket) and travel insurance, both with value;

B. Simple copy of tax documents (invoice or invoice) / receipts with accommodation value (hotel, hostel or airbnb) during the event period;

W. Simple copy of food and transportation expenses tax documents during the event period;

d. Simple copy of the service expense tax documents for the suitability of your game for the international market, international consulting, mentoring, press office, acceleration program and public relations, provided they are duly justified.

Important to remember that credit card voucher is not valid!

Duties of Associated Companies

The duties of associated companies are:

1. Supply of data and information, whenever requested by the Project, as specified in the Term of Adhesion;

2.Submit to ABF proof of participation in international events organized by the Project, by means of the Counterpart Financial Report duly completed and signed in its own hand and with simple copies of the related tax documents. This submission can be done with all scanned PDF documentation.


Associated Companies Rights

Franchising Brazil’s activities are linked to the international promotion of Brazilian brands and companies and are exclusive to the companies associated with the Project.

The rights of associated companies, whether or not linked to ABF, as long as they are discharged with their duties, to participate in any matters related to the Project, such as:

a) Presence on the international website;
b) Workshops with international experts;
c) Participation in sector fairs contemplated in the project;
d) Commercial Prospecting Missions;
e) Buyer and Image Projects;
f) Specialized Consulting;
g) Promotional Material.



Franchising Brasil is guided by a Steering Committee composed of ABF’s Board of Directors, companies in the sector associated with the Project, the Project’s executive management and the Apex-Brasil Project Manager.

It is the responsibility of the Steering Committee, in the Project preparation phase, to serve as a forum for validation of the most important aspects of the Project, such as the target audience, the general objective, the strategic focus, the assumptions, the proposed results and the actions of the Project;

Refocus actions, if necessary, in the direction that best meets the needs of entrepreneurs and the market;

Evaluate the project results;

Strategically think about the future of the sector in terms of increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian products and services in the international market.




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